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Made for More.


We are people in search of purpose. A raison d’être. 

Daily, we find ourselves at the crossroads of ‘Purpose Pursuit’ and ‘Purpose Unmet.’ We can choose purpose unmet and live a life in oblivion or pursue purpose and inevitably find ourselves in the valley - staring down a giant. A giant that takes many forms - fear, self-doubt, our past, others. 

You know this giant. 

We choose to step forward. Slay the giant. Others before us have. We can too. 

DAAVI, was inspired by the timeless story of proverbial underdog. David vs. Goliath, where a mere boy stepped forward to face his giant and ultimately unlocked his purpose. DAAVI is made for those stepping forward into ‘impossible’ moments. For those who see the future differently.

We are more than a sneaker company. We are writing a story. A story about what happens when ordinary people confront giants. 

be Made for More. 

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